Line Depping and Jakob Jørgensen are Danish designers whose work is guided by functional possibilities and requirements and driven by the desire to test and explore materials and structural principles. Their inspiration begins in the workshop, where they refine and experiment with forms, based on modelling and prototyping. In this creative process they often explore a principle of form or construction that intrigues and thus tests the capacities and textural qualities of materials. Their ultimate goal is always to create a simple and straightforward solution matching the usage situation and setting.

How did you come to collaborate with TAKT?
We met Henrik, the founder & CEO of TAKT, at an exhibition we had in 2018 where we started to discuss the possibilities of collaborating with Arc Chair.

TAKT is a start-up. What do you think about their approach to the furniture industry?
TAKT is a company with a strong clear vision. They work with simple beautiful knock-down furniture and have an ambitious approach towards sustainability. They work with a few good suppliers, that they know well – and on top of that they’re a start-up company with a lot of good energy – determined to reach their goals.

How does Arc Chair sit within your body of work as whole?
We are interested in the industrial processes and craft. We do mockups, prototypes and experiments to find new ways for making design. It is important that the final design is simple, self-explaining – but also has a story to share. For Arc Chair, the meeting between the armrest and the legs was essential and we really feel that the result shows a good collaboration between our goal as designers and the actual possibilities in the industrial machinery.

What materials did you choose, and why?
Arc Chair is made from a steel frame and a wooden seat and armrest. By working with such frame, you’re able to have a much thinner construction, but steel can also feel like a very rigid material why our work with the saddle connection at the top end of the steel tube soften the construction. We love to work with wood and have done that for years. Wood is a fantastic material. It can renew itself, it gets more beautiful by use, and comes with a lot of possibilities. Arc Chair is made of laminated wood, which in a simple industrial way brings shape and comfort to the chair. The seat is double curved, and the armrest is milled after laminating.

What was the biggest challenge you faced when designing Arc Chair?
The saddle connection was our starting point from where we wanted to make a knock-down chair. The challenge was to make a beautiful knock-down armchair. We made several tests and experiments with the armrest to find the most optimal way of working with the armrest. The starting point was just the metal tube, because the mockup chair was made like that, but we aimed for more comfort for the back and arms. It shares references to archetypes of wooden armchair from the 50 centuries but still you see a difference – the backrest is made for industrial manufacturing as we know from today. Every curve continues in the same radius – this means that you are able to produce the armrest in an industrial way.

How important is sustainability to your work?
It feels good to work with a company that makes sustainable furniture. As designers we can design furniture with a long-lasting lifetime, is possible to disassemble as well as use sustainable materials, but the big difference comes when the production company also takes a responsibility towards the environment.

The design is clean and simple, yet with a sculptural expression. The chair frame is made of metal tubes combined with a unique saddle connection to ensure a smooth transition where the hard metal meets the softer wood.

Depping & Jørgensen